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Vassar Ct
Purchased:  $8,500
Quickly Sold For: $14,000
E. Robson
Purchased:  $185,000
Quickly Sold For: $195,000
Lake Dr.
Purchased:  $80,000
Quickly Sold For: $99,500
  •  3 deals, 3 totally different "Find It" strategies. Each one required little to ZERO costs.
  •  The Beauty of Bandit Signs, and how that meant that I made $5,500 in 1 week for a cost of just $3.00!
  •  How I deployed an "Invisible Task Force" that drops 1,000s of calls in mere minutes and made $10,000 on just a $100.00 investment!
  •  Leveraging Property Scouts as "Boots on the Ground". One of my stay-at-home-Mom scouts spotted and locked down a deal for me in just 1 week and I made $19,500. Out of pocket costs for the deal? ZERO!
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The above real estate transactions are real and verifiable by public record and an example of business conducted by Brandon Middleton and Sam Middleton, active real estate investors. These results should not be considered typical profits nor should be considered a guarantee of success. Real estate investing takes risk and work. And there is NO guarantee of success. Please do your own due diligence. 
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